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News - FAQ

Do you need a professional to fit them on our bicycles?

No, if you can take off your current pedals then you can instal our pedals on your bicycle

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Is Cranktip considering bringing out a platform pedal?

Yes very shortly the platform version will come out

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Do Cranktip pedals require special shoes?

No, your current shoes that accept cleats will accept our cleats to engage our pedals.

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What do you say to all the skeptics out there who insist that there is no scientific data to support our claims?

Buy a pair of our pedals and if after using them your not convinced with their performance send them back and we will refund the money no questions asked

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How do we service or repair Cranktip pedals?

Contact us for details about the process

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Can I become a distributor?

Yes, so long as you are currently in the industry we will consider your application.

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Can we deliver anywhere in the world?

So long there is a postal service or courier service the pedals will get to you, please note you currently know your local postal/courier service and we are only as reliable as they are. There are some places we dont deliver and that is subject to DHL conditions and Singapore postal services conditions.

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Do Cranktip pedals come with an instruction manual?

Yes, they come with an instruction manual in many languages.

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Do Cranktip pedals work with other component and accessory manufacturers crank systems and gear changers and the like?

Yes Cranktip pedals will work well with most of the manufacturers products. We have not come across any that don't work to date.

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