Six of the most insane eating challenges in the UK

2022 is the year to do something you’ve never done before – so if you’ve got a huge appetite and hollow legs, an eating challenge could be just the thing to tick off your bucket list.

Professional eaters all around the country have attempted these mammoth food challenges, and now it’s your turn to put your stomach to the test.

Could you eat a 22-inch pizza in less than 10 minutes, or a stack of 12 pancakes in less than five?

From loaded dirty fries to extra large full English breakfasts and enough fish and chips to feed a family of four, here are six humongous plates of food like you’ve never seen before.

The Pancake Stack Challenge

Polo 24-Hour Bar in London is serving up some serious stacks on stacks on stacks. Its epic dessert challenge is made up of 12 fluffy pancakes with your choice of berries, cookies & cream or banoffee Lotus biscuit.

If you finish your plate in under 15 minutes, the meal is yours for free. And you even get a bottle of bubbly thrown in to help sweeten the celebration. If you fail, it’ll cost you £30.

Competitive eater Max vs Food visited last year and demolished one tower in a staggering 4.36 minutes, then went on to destroy another tower, completing both in 24 minutes. Do you think you could beat Max?

The Bada$$ Burger Challenge

At Low, Slow and Dough in Wallasey, you can take on the Bada$$ Burger Challenge for the chance to win a coveted winners T-shirt, £50 voucher and a picture on the wall of fame.

You get 20 minutes to finish a triple burger stack with cheese, double loaded fries and double wings. Disclaimer: It’s monstrous and messy.

Professional competitive eater KyleVFood managed it in under 13 minutes. Could you beat him?

The Giant Eclair Challenge

It’s the biggest choux pastry you’ve ever seen. Filled with cream, custard and smothered in chocolate, this 5,000 calorie challenge is a monstrous task even for the sweetest tooth.

Located at The Heathfield Farmhouse Inn in Birkenshaw, the giant eclair challenge has been around for a few years, but last year it went viral after a couple of people finally completed it.

If you finish it in one sitting, it’s free and you get a giant eclair T-shirt. If you fail, it will cost you £20.

You must pre-order 48 hours in advance and eat in. Visit their website for more information.

Feeling up to the task? Professional competitive eater and YouTuber, Beard Meats Food , wolfed it down in 21 minutes. Give it your best shot.

The 22 Inches of Pain Pizza Challenge

Can you polish off a 22-inch pizza in less than 10 minutes? Succeed and you’ll hold first place on the 22 Inches of Pain wall.

This infamous giant pizza challenge at Louis Place in Buckingham has been tackled by a few terrific eaters, and now it’s your turn to show them what you’ve got.

Your pizza must contain at least one meat topping and must be eaten in less than 30 minutes. It costs £30 if you fail.

The current record is 9 minutes and 19 seconds by an eater named Josh, who managed to beat Beard Meats Food’s record time.

You can watch the Louis Place team attempt their own challenge on YouTube .

The Terminator 2 Full English Challenge

Your usual full English breakfast might have one or two of every item, but this monster meal has eight of each. Eight sausages, eight rashers of bacon, eight hash browns, eight black puddings, plus all the sides.

Estimating 17,000 calories, this breakfast will get you a spot on the wall of fame next to professional eater KyleVFood – who finally defeated it on his third attempt.

Shepherd’s Place Farm Cafe in Doncaster created this epic 65 item food challenge after its existing breakfast challenge became too easy for contenders.

The Terminator 2 only costs £15 if you fail, so why not give it a shot?

The Anker’s Fish and Chips Challenge

It looks like a hearty meal for a family of four – but could you tackle this mountain by yourself?

At £30 a go, this Anker’s Fish and Chip Challenge isn’t for the fainthearted. You have 60 minutes to chomp through one large deep fried haddock fillet, a stack of buttered bread and four pots of sauces (beans, curry sauce, mushy peas and gravy).

If you clear your plate within the time limit, you get to stick your hand in their prize pot and potentially get your meal for free.